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AI Content Assistant

What used to take hours to write, now takes just minutes with our AI Content Assistant in the Zesty content management system.

Our AI Content Assistant, powered by OpenAI, eliminates writer's block and simplifies the content creation process. It’s a groundbreaking approach to content creation, freeing up time for marketers and content creators to focus on other aspects of their digital strategy. In just a matter of minutes, you can create and edit content ranging from “5 Tricks to Teach your Pet Dog”, to “Best Practices for E-Commerce” to “How to Build a Headless Blog Website”, the possibilities are endless.

How to Generate Long Form Content in Zesty?


Writing long form content traditionally by yourself can be especially time consuming. You need to do extensive research, tackle writer's block, and then go through multiple rounds of drafts. This usually ends up with an article taking at least 5 hours to create. With our AI Content Assistant, those 5 hours are cut down to just 20 minutes.

Simply provide a prompt or topic for your article to our AI assistant. It could be a question, a statement, or an idea related to a topic. Once the context is provided, our AI Content Assistant, with ChatGPT3 under the hood will generate a full length article based on the prompt. You can then simply review the generated content, and make appropriate edits and additions as necessary, and you’re then ready to hit publish!

Review the steps below to learn more.

Step 1: Select a WYSIWYG or multi line text text input and click on the brain icon in the top right corner

Step 2: Write a prompt describing the content you want the AI assistant to write for you and click on generate

Step 3: Review the generated content and click on the Approve button once ready

Step 4: Your Content is Now Entered!

How to Generate Headlines in Zesty?


Creating an engaging headline for your article is an important step in the writing process. A headline can be the difference between an article that is read and one that is not. With our new AI Content Assistant, you can be assured that the headlines generated are more creative and relevant to the topic at hand.

Step 1: Select a single line input of a content item and click on the Brain Icon in the top right corner

Step 2: Write a prompt describing what you want the AI assistant to write for you and click on the Generate button

Step 3: Review and edit and click on the Approve Button when ready

Or click on generate again if you want to modify your prompt to get a different response.

Step 4: Your Content is Now Ready to Go!

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