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Content Version Control

Content added to Content Item's is version controlled, allowing the user create, update and access previous versions of stored content.

Content Version Control

All content added within Content Items is version controlled. This enable the user to compare, track, access and revert changes made within the item. The versions also provide the ability to have one version published while other drafts are created and updated.

With each save in a Content Item, a new version is created. These versions become available to the user in the versions dropdown. The dropdown is located in the Content Item Controls.

Selecting a version will display that version's draft. After the selected version is displayed, the user will have the ability to:

Revert to the Selected Draft:

Once a previous version is selected, the save option will become available to the user. Saving the selected draft will create a current version with content that has been reverted to the previous versions content state.

This action does not remove the previous version that was selected, it remains intact and available to be selected again. Zesty not only keeps the previous version intact as well as any versions that may have been between the previous version and the current version. This effectively ensures that no prior versions of content are inaccessible.

Selection of a previous version followed by a save will successfully revert the changes to the prior version.

The save option will become available immediately after selection of the previous version desired.

Edit Draft:

Editing the content of the selected prior draft and saving the updates will create a new current version. The previous version that was originally selected remains intact and labeled under its original version number. This enables both the new and previous version to be available for publishing at the user discretion.

With the previous version selected edits to the draft can be made. After the desired changes have been made, saving the draft effectively creates anew version while leaving the prior version intact.

All versions will become available in the version selection dropdown. The prior version remain in its original state. The newest version will contain the prior version content and any new edits or content added.

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