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The Leads Section is where submitted data from forms configured to work with Zesty.io Leads can be collected, viewed, and exported.


If a form submission is posted to a Zesty.io hosted website with an input value for zlf, Zesty.io will automatically store all the submitted data. The Leads section is where that stored data can be interacted with.

The Leads section will be automatically display once a lead is stored with your Zesty.io instance.

Leads section shown in the Manager UI navigation.

Leads are shown in a paginated table that shows the date, email, first name, last name, and form group for the captured submissions.

Please note that while all of your lead form's data is not shown in the table, the CSV export will show all the form fields' data.

Leads section interface.

Each row in the table is clickable and clicking on a row will show a snippet of the leads detail.

Lead capture details.

Lead Export

Leads can be exported using the box in the upper right-hand corner.

Leads can be exported using the export options shown above.

Options for lead export include date range:

Date range option for lead export.

Another option is form group. The form group's name comes from the zlf value which is set when the form created in the view.

Form group option for lead export.

Once your options have been set click the green Download CSV button to get your CSV.

Once you've set your options, use the download CSV button to get your leads.

How to Connect forms to ZLF

To configure a form to use Zesty.io's leads table, three items need to be true. First, the form needs to be using the POST method. Second, the form action needs to be to a relative path. Third, the form needs to include an input with a name attribute of zlf and a non-empty value.

Here is an example:

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