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Settings allow you to access Zesty.io Settings saved in the manager


An instance's settings control a number of an instance's attributes from forcing HTTPS to defining fonts. Learn how to access your instances setting below.

Accessing An Instance's Settings

An instance's settings are located under the Settings section in the Content Manger.

Settings section in the content manager navigation.

An instance's settings are broken down into 4 subsections:

  • Instance Settings
  • WebEngine Global
  • Web Engine Styles & Fonts

Instance settings subsections.

Each subsection has their own categories as well. Each subsections' categories are located in the left-hand sidebar navigation (outlined in purple below).

Subsection's utilities are shown in the left-hand navigation.

Once one of the categories is selected the main portion of the screen will show you your options (outlined in purple below). Options will vary depending on which utility has been selected.

All of a utilities options will be shown in the main portion of the screen.

Accessing Instance Settings With Parsley

To call your settings using Parsley in the Editor, use the {{ setting }} reference tag. Type {{ setting. and you'll see a dropdown of all your available reference tags in your instance-wide settings.

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