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Difference in URL and Redirect Case Sensitivity

Zesty.io content item URLs and redirects case sensitivity

Listed below are the difference between URLs and redirect paths, especially when it comes to case sensitivity, lies in how web servers and applications handle the various components of a URL, particularly the path component.

URLs (Uniform Resource Locators)

  • Scheme: The scheme part of a URL (e.g. http or https) is typically case-insensitive. This means that HTTP:// and http:// are treated the same by web browsers and servers.

  • Domain: The domain part (e.g. example.com) is also generally case-insensitive, following conventions set by DNS (Domain Name System) standards.

  • Path: The case sensitivity of the path component (e.g. /Page vs. /page) is not specified in URL standards. Therefore, how the path is treated can vary depending on the web server and application.

In the same way, content item URLs created in Zesty.io are not case-sensitive to ensure compatibility across different systems and platforms.

Redirect Paths

  • Redirect paths refer to the portion of the URL that comes after the domain, typically specifying a specific resource or location on the server.

  • Redirect paths are often treated as case-sensitive. This means that example.com/Page and example.com/page might lead to different resources or URLs when a redirect is configured to be case-sensitive.

  • Case-sensitive redirect paths are configured this way intentionally, typically to ensure that redirects are accurate and specific, avoiding ambiguity.

In Zesty.io, redirects (incoming paths) are configured to be case-sensitive to ensure accuracy and precision when specifying the target resource for a redirect, giving users control which variant of a URL redirects.

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