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Headless CMS localization

Content localization is easier than ever using Zesty's headless CMS.

Our headless CMS allows you to manage unlimited locales and publish content that caters to each of your audiences' regions. Leverage Zesty to go global faster, cheaper and smarter.

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How to do localization right with Zesty

Localize content with regional dialects

Go beyond simple international languages - customize your content down to the dialect. Zesty offers i18n language customization that allows you to create versions of each page with specific dialect for your region.

Personalize how Google loves

Zesty ensures your HTML and URL's read correctly for each i18n-specific dialect and that SEO is optimized for each language you select. This is key for Google ranking, as dialect- and region-specific pages will be placed at the top of rankings.

Create faster with visual tools

Develop your pages, add your content and optimize with our visual editor, page developer and instant-publish feature. Manage each dialect separately to ensure maximum accuracy and control over content.

Manage in omnichannel

Language isn't the only thing that makes a country or region unique. With our headless CMS, you can tailor your content to the specific channels each region prefers without extra development.

Keep pages running fast with global CDNs

As a cloud-native platform with global content delivery networks, Zesty ensures your visitors will have servers close to their location. This means pages will load faster and your site will experience less churn than platforms without global CDNs.

Why should you choose Zesty’s headless CMS for localization?

Seamless integration for advanced translation

Seamless integration for advanced translation

Select your preferred translation tool and easily integrate with Zesty.

Develop faster

Develop faster

With an easy-to-use interface, product releases are faster than ever.

Scale greater

Scale greater

As your business grows, Zesty grows along with you, without limits.


Use Zesty to bring your vision to the world

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