Headless CMS multi-language

Show the world your content

With a leading multi-language capabilities through our headless CMS, reaching your global audience has never been easier. Select your desired location, add your content and publish with an automated URL, optimized SEO and independent versions per language.

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Headless CMS multi-language

Easily translate your websites & apps

Integrate your preferred translation tool or give access to your translator to create and update each language.

Customize page versions per language

Unlike many multi-language tools, Zesty allows you to have different versions for every language that are not dependent on one another. Hello, customization.

Optimize pages in every language

Multi-language and internationalization is more than just translating words. You can also use our tool to optimize images, geo-points and SEO components - automatically.

Customize with a user-friendly interface

Creating content for a global audience doesn't have to be difficult. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily customize you multi-language projects and move between languages with ease.

Scale quickly with headless components

Translate your headless components and use them across your site in any language you specify. Each translation will keep its own version history.

Why Zesty’s multi-language headless CMS?

Maximum control for maximum results

Maximum control for maximum results

Select workflows, versioning and SEO parameters specific to each market and translation.

Seamless integration for advanced translation

Seamless integration for advanced translation

Select your preferred translation tool and easily integrate with Zesty.

Build headlessly and preview pages

Build headlessly and preview pages

See your content come to life with our visual tools to ensure your content looks perfect in every language.


Go global today

Grow your influence globally with Zesty's powerful multi-language headless CMS capabilities.