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April 2021 Release Notes

We've jumped into the second quarter head first! As we improve the codebase we're able to accelerate improvements, updates, and new features; therefore we're proud to announce the release of 3 new features: Parsley AutoLayout, Wildcard Redirects, and Media Proxy URL. These key features help make significantly more dynamic and flexible for our customers' needs. Read more about these essential features in The List below. Aside from new features we're making consistent and significant headway with both bug fixes and platform improvements. I can't wait to see where the rest of the year takes us! 

Below is a quick summary of this month's accomplishments. Check out The List below for more details. Searching for the status of a bug, enhancement, or feature request? All of these are available via our publicly accessible Manager UI GitHub repository and Accounts UI GitHub repository.

April Summary

  • 3 New Features
  • 8 Improvements
  • 3 Updates
  • 18 Bugs Fixed
  • 5 New and Updated Docs

The List

Web Engine:

  • New Feature: Wildcard redirects. Users can now redirect whole paths such as /about/*/ instead of making redirects for every single one of its immediate subfolders. This allows for more flexibility and power when creating redirects as they're handled dynamically. Learn more about this feature from our Mindshare Announcement and through our documentation on 

  • New Feature: Our Media Proxy URL allows enterprise-level users to change their asset domain from the default domain (eg. to their instance's registered domain (eg:*). Learn more from our Mindshare announcement and our documentation.

  • Improvement: OG share images are now resized and cropped to 1200x630px and include the image's height and width per facebook's specification. Twitter cards were also updated. Check out our documentation for more information. Customers benefit by getting larger share images that take up more real estate in a user's feed.

  • Bug Fix: Redirect issue for dev branches running subdomains now corrected.


  • New Feature: Parsley AutoLayout automatically creates an HTML structure based on your single and multi-page models' fields. The call takes the form of {{ this.autolayout() }} and takes the parameter: stacked which reflects the HTML structure: stacked. Learn more from our documentation and Mindshare announcement.

Manager UI

  • Improvement: Instance API endpoints are now linked from content items.

  • Improvement: Workflow request messaging is more descriptive for requestee. The underlying widget build has been updated and improved too. 

  • Improvement: Datetime field type is now available. 

  • Improvement: Refactor content search to smooth out existing functionality regarding loading display, no-results message, and code structure.

  • Improvement:SEO section now aligns with the design system for a smoother user experience.

  • Improvement: Error handling in UI has been refined.

  • Update: Google Analytics Authentication button is only available for owner, admin, and developer user roles.
  • Update: Added missing Font Awesome icons.

  • Update: Updated styles for a consistent experience throughout the platform.

  • Bug Fix: Workflow request button now functions as expected.

  • Bug Fix: Internal/External Links title field can take apostrophes.

  • Bug Fix: Multilang relational items are shown in selected language only. If items in other languages have already been related, those items will be shown as options but will no longer be options once they're removed.

    In the example shown below, FR is the selected language. However an EN-US category has already been related, therefore both the 1 EN-US category is shown along with all the FR  options. However, once the related EN-US category is removed the user will only see FR options. multi-lang-example.png

  • Bug Fix: When creating a redirect the redirect target column no longer displays an error message for valid paths.

  • Bug Fix: The Web IDE utility drawer close button no longer scrolls with the drawer but remains sticky so a user can close it at any time. 

  • Bug Fix: The Loader snippet in the Web IDE can no longer be deleted.

  • Bug Fix: When opening a dropdown field type, the dropdown body no longer overlaps the header.

  • Bug Fix: The Globals model no longer allows users to create multiple entries.

  • Bug Fix: Internal/External link functionality now functions as expected in Manager UI.

  • Bug Fix: Instances list only updates on successful response.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed broken Font Awesome icons.

Accounts UI

  • Improvement: Added tooltip for setting a custom domain name. 

  • Bug Fix: Teams' names can now be updated.

  • Bug Fix: Refactored instance sort for Mac and Chrome. 

  • Bug Fix: Excess white space trimmed from instance name field.

  • Bug Fix: Instance settings link now routes properly to manager UI.

  • Bug Fix: User account preferences settings for default instance card view and Teams now function as expected.

New and Updated Documentation

By Kim Koga

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