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After an epoch of significant new product releases in July, this month Zesty.io engineers turned their attention to WebEngine and Manager UI improvements. 

One of the biggest new features released in August is a new tab in the Content Manager that provides quick links to the full range of Headless Options Zesty.io has to offer.


Below is a quick summary of this month's updates followed by detailed information under Release Notes Per Service. If you’re waiting for a status update on a bug, enhancement, or feature request, or would like to submit your own, check out our publicly accessible Manager UI GitHub repository and Accounts UI GitHub repository.

August Summary

Full Release Notes by Service


Enhancement: An overflow ellipsis for long SEO redirect paths has been added instead of truncating them as all the information included can be useful to the user: 


Fix: Corrected email override/safe email list fix - Previously, the logic when using a safe email list would expect an override string containing a single email and then iterate the list of safe emails and compare the override to each one. If the override ride did not match an entry it would deem it unsafe. Therefore, if a safe email list contained any other emails besides the override it would always fail. A fix has been made to now support multiple email overrides and checks each override to ensure it is included in the list of safe emails.

Update: ​​GQL Integration to Apollo updated to Apollo Version 3 - this includes:

Try GQL on Zesty via the Github repo: https://github.com/zesty-io/graphql-zesty

Fix: Preview domains incorrectly running WWW redirect - when a previewer tried to navigate to the page without a trailing slash in a non-Zesty preview environment, they were shown a Privacy Error. This has been fixed, allowing for previewing in all desired environments. 

Manager UI

Feature: A Headless Content Tab has been added to the content item edit view that show a full range of headless options: 


Feature: Wildcard Redirects - Until now the UI only created a single path for redirects. The UI has been updated to create the 3 different path types: External, Page and Path. Here are the changes to how it works: 

This image shows some of the available paths in the dropdown from the SEO tab:


Enhancement: Item locked modal upgrade - When an item is locked that a user is trying to edit, a modal appears with an edit timestamp indicating that another editor is currently working on the item. The contact information of the first editor is presented in the modal with the option override to continue editing. 


Enhancement: A keyboard shortcut to open/close has been added to the code drawer: 


Screenshot of Drawer when Open

Enhancement: A overly tall WYSIWYG editor made for some difficult editing when scrolling up/down to edit content. This window has been reduced for easier navigation. 

Fix: Jumping cursor in the article writer - When editing content in an Article Writer field, if the user pressed a carriage return in their content the cursor would jump to the beginning of the content after one second. This has been corrected. 

Enhancement: When using multi-lang, since relational items default content to using the default language, users saw both the selected default item and the corresponding language items in a relational field. This caused the user confusion to not understand which item corresponds to the current language they are editing. To help resolve this issue, concatenation has been added to the language code at the end of the item content in a relational field.


Enhancement: UseMetaKey hook can now accept a new modifier parameter "shift" or "alt":


Fix: New items were not being triggered to refresh in the content tree - Now newly created items will redirect and rerender in the Navigation. This functionality works the same for deleting actions as well. 


Fix: WYSIWYG line height issue has been corrected.

By Dominic Tarantino

I work with all teams in our enterprise customer base, agency partners and individuals to ensure they are successful on the Zesty.io platform. Zesty.io is an end-to-end solution for those who want powerful omni-channel digital experience built for scale and who want tools that will be relevant throughout the years long enterprise journey.

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