October 2019 Product Release Notes

Updates, Patches, and New Features from October 2019

October 2019 Product Release Notes

Randy Apuzzo 11.01.2019

The month of October 2019 was focused on manager user interface performance and developer tools. We released robust parsley errors, ATOM editor plugin out of beta, a new beta Web IDE (code editor), Webhooks for integrations, and developer API tokens (to be documented and released in November). The team is making a large push for the end of the year to rebuild all aspects the the Manager UI in React, and then open-sourcing manager-ui in 2020Q1.

An earlier set of release notes from this month also went out here: https://www.zesty.io/mindshare/product-announcements/october-2nd-2019-product-release-notes/. This covered CSS and JS loading in stage/preview URLs, the ATOM editor plugin, and an Instance API update.

Coming in November is GA webhooks, GA developer tokens, web engine password protection, GA Code IDE, beta extensions.


Manager UI

  • Feature: New Code Editor silently released in beta (direct links provided by WebEngine error messages). This code editor handles all file sizes, has find and replace, and common VScode capabilities. Accessed by /#!/code from any manager URL.

  • Improvement: Performance Update for Content Instances with lots of content and relationships fields.

  • Bug fix: Relationship field dropdown no correlating now correlates correctly on load.

  • Bug fix: the search in the /health 302 redirects tools now searches properly, the was causing a crash.

Accounts UI

  • UX: Animated walkthroughs were installed for new users

  • Bugfix: Animated walkthrough did not load for uBlock Origin users, there is now a check for that.

Accounts API

Auth API

  • Session Idle Timeout: Idle timeout has been changed from 20 minute to 30 minutes total, which stays within OWASP specification. Every action taken on the API (through the interface or ATOM plugin) re-extends the session 30 min.

Instances API

  • Bug fix: SCSS, SASS, and LESS compile order updated to match legacy code editor sorting.

  • Bug fix: Empty files threw compile errors, that has been patched to not throw an error.

  • Bug Fix: Homepage saving would incorrectly set the path for instances with multiple languages/localities.

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