Zesty.io Releases New Content Insights for SEO

On the heels of the new optimized media release, we've built out our new Content Insights tool to help marketers with their SEO initiatives.

Zesty.io Releases New Content Insights for SEO

Randy Apuzzo 07.26.2021

We're very excited to announce the latest release in a series of marketing tools designed to improve SEO!

Introducing Content Insights

Content Insights offers valuable SEO keyword information. For all content powered by Zesty.io’s WebEngine or headlessly, Content Insights shows: 

  • Total number of words

  • Non-common words (and, or, but, for etc.)

  • Unique words

  • Content Word Occurrences 

  • Meta URL, Meta Title and Description Word Occurrences

  • Meta and Content Word Matches


Here is what the new UI looks like with Content Insights: 


Having visibility into which words match in Content and Meta provides a way for SEO managers to spot check how finely tuned their keyword choice alignments are. The feature accelerates the experimentation process to understand which keywords perform better.

An important thing to know - Content Insights analyzes all content in an entry, so this means that this tool can be used to improve your content whether you're using Zesty.io's WebEngine or using Zesty.io purely headlessly. 

To see more of what's been released this month, check out our July Release Notes

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