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There's No Place Like Home: November 2022 Release Notes

As we approach the end of the year here at Zesty we have been busy working to improve processes and and promote productivity for Zesty users. Continue reading to see what we did this month to enhance the Zesty experience!

Searching for the status of a bug, enhancement, or feature request? All of these are available via our publicly accessible Manager UI and Accounts UI repositories.

November Summary

New Features

Home (Dashboard)

Upon logging into Zesty, users are greeted with a sleek and functional dashboard that offers quicker content creation, at-a-glance instance data, and additional resources. See a summary of your instance's traffic and usage, plus your team's most recent actions up at the top. Jump right back into to your latest edit or quickly create something new from the tools on the homepage. To see the whole experience and learn more check out the full product announcement: Introducing Home: An All-In-One View of your Zesty Instance.


Google SSO

Login into Zesty with one click through Google single sign-on, our latest SSO partner. View the full guide and answers to the top questions around SSO in the release: Zesty single sign-on: everything you need to know.




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By Stefanie Serpa

Stefanie is an Account Manager here at Zesty.io. She initially joined the sales team when she was first brought on and has recently moved into accounts to forage stronger relationships with our wonderful customers. Having development experience under her belt, along with sales expertise, gives her a unique perspective to maintain technical and business relationships within our Zesty community. When she's not overseeing client relations, Stefanie enjoys bike rides along the boardwalk in San Diego and testing out new recipes in the kitchen.

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