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Zesty.io for franchises

Accelerate franchise growth with scalable website management

Zesty.io provides franchises with the only tool to manage content at scale without extra development time or resources.

Say goodbye to plugins, workarounds, and headaches.

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Manage more with less headache

Whether you're looking to find more franchises, ignite growth within your current franchises, or expand your offerings, Zesty can help your business succeed with website and app management.

Manage all franchise web content in one ecosystem

Whether you're managing one site or several unique sites for your franchises, keep everything in one place with Zesty's Ecosystem management.

Zesty offers pre-built templates to get your site up and running faster, and create new sites efficiently.

Create content once and publish across any franchise page

Do all your franchises have unique pages that need to be updated individually - even if they share much of the same content? With Zesty, you only need to create that content once and can reuse it across any page.

Ditch the plugins and speed up your site

Leverage API's for integrations with any of your favorite technologies, without slowing down your website or making it vulnerable with unnecessary plugin code.

Zesty makes integrations simple with our Marketplace and custom integration offerings.

Customize roles and user permissions

Zesty offers customizable user governance, so you can offer franchise owners or specific team members access based on pages, roles, and more.

Position your business for growth

Even in challenging economic times, Zesty can help your brand find growth opportunities by bringing you a faster way to manage content and a more robust way to manage scale.


Personalization, A/B Testing, Integrated Analytics, Any Business Configuration


The Zesty.io platform empowers veterinarian and pet groomer software team to drive immediate revenue and tangible value.

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Ben Johnson

Director of Technology Operations


Our team uses Zesty to support creative, complex campaigns for enterprise clients with global audiences.

"We’ve worked with several different brands using Zesty, and the reason we keep coming back to use them is consistency. The platform is reliable, the support is available 24/7, and our suggestions for feature additions actually help drive product direction. When working with clients like Sony, we need to be using secure, enterprise-grade software that’s still agile enough to allow us to move quickly with the market. Zesty allows us to do that, and after over seven years of partnership, we’re excited to continue growing with an amazing technology partner.”

Integrate with any technology

Choose your favorite frameworks, marketing automation tools, and analytics platforms to integrate with Zesty.

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Connect with Content Experts

Book a free 15-minute consultation with a content expert. Discuss your application, pain points and requirements. Understand how Zesty's lower total cost of ownership, features, functionality can elevate your business by creating extraordinary digital experiences.

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