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How to improve franchise performance with centralized headless content management

With the economy continuing to be on shaky ground, businesses are evaluating how they can weather the storm. One big aspect that’s often overlooked is the technology that you leverage. The platform you use to manage your website can either propel you into a better business outlook or hold you back.

This article will cover why your website is critical to helping your franchise health, particularly through an economic downturn, and why legacy content management systems (CMS) aren’t built to help businesses grow.

Why your website is vital to franchise health

The world is increasingly becoming digital-first, meaning businesses have to adapt to keep up. There are a few main reasons why adopting websites for your franchisees is important:

Why legacy content management just doesn’t cut it anymore

Growth is vital to franchises, but legacy content management systems (i.e. Wordpress, Hubspot, Adobe, etc.) often stunt the growth of companies after a certain point. There are five main reasons why legacy systems can’t keep up with growing companies.

How headless CMS provides more value to franchises

Headless CMS might be new to you, but it’s a concept that allows for more agile website creation. Because headless CMS separates the frontend design from the backend content, it allows content creators to quickly add content to any page of their website or digital channel, without recreating it each time.

Here are some of the advantages of using headless CMS:

    • and update it once to show on all pages. Think: review badges, testimonials, forms, and more. All of that can be created once and updated across any page once. No more CTRL+V.

Zesty is the visual headless CMS providing growing companies with a way to manage content at scale. Our platform offers visual tools, preview environments, and SEO controls to allow your non-technical teams to quickly update and publish content. Plus, our headless features give you the ability to quickly iterate content across multiple pages, update once and publish anywhere. And as you grow, you can easily manage larger sites, multiple languages, integrated applications, and higher site traffic, without reconfiguring your work.

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By Katie Moser

Katie is the Senior Marketing Manager for Zesty.io. Her expertise lies in crafting marketing strategy, with an emphasis on content and digital marketing. Having spent too much time in clunky CMS's, Katie understands the need for a CMS that works with you - not against you. In her free time, you can find Katie in San Diego enjoying the sunshine at the beach or on hikes.

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