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Zesty.io Roadmap

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Design Ready

Global: All Menu List Items Hard Coded to be 40px should revert to their default size (36px)

Content: Workflow Statusses

Schema: Rules - Min Max Value for Number and Currency Field

Media: Allow a User to Replace File

Webhooks: v2 Enhancements

Activity Log: Show Created At Action for Content Items

In Progress

Schema: Rules - Regex

Schema: Rules - Limit Character Count

Content: Multi Page Model Table UX Enhancements

Content: Bug Fixes

Content: Comments

Media: Minor UX Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Content: Bug Fixes

Schema: Minor UX Enhancements and Bug Fixes

DUO Mode: Switch on DUO Mode for Existing and New Customers

Recently Completed

Global: Notifications: UX Improvements

Content: Multi Page Table Bug Fixes & UX Enhancements

Freestyle: Media App Access

Content: Improved Microcopy for Notifications

Global: Notification Alert Revamp

Content: Add label under publish button that there are older versions scheduled and published

Content: Bug Fixes

Content: Edit Content Item Page - Control P / Command P Shortcut to Publish Item does not work

Media: Upload Modal Became Unresponsive after uploading 5 images

Activity Log: Bug Fixes

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