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Zesty.io Roadmap

See new features and development coming soon to the Zesty.io Content Platform.

Design Ready

Content: Bynder Integration

Content: Schedule Content Item Modal Revamp

Content: Edit Content Title Bar Tooltips

Media: Minor UX Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Global Nav: Bug Fixes

Activity Log: Bug Fixes

Activity Log: Show Created At Action for Content Items

Content: Improved Microcopy for Notifications

Schema: Currency Field - Users can set default currency

Content: Currency Field Revamp

In Progress

Content: Comments

Content: Bug Fixes

Schema: Minor UX Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Content: Number Field Revamp

Content: Date Time Field Revamp

Content: Date Field Revamp

Content: UUID Field Revamp

DUO Mode: Switch on DUO Mode for Existing and New Customers

Recently Completed

Content: Sort Field

Content: DUO Mode - Show warning message when fields have invalid values

Website: Customer Support Portal

Content: Duo Mode layout & Edit Content Title Bar responsive behavior has disappeared

Content: Boolean Field Revamp

Content: Bug Fixes

Content: Create Item Fields Container Width

Content: Entering a Value into a Field Scrolls Up to the Error Blurb

Content: WYSIWYG Revamp

Content: Update WYSIWYG to latest version of Tiny MCE

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