Zesty.io Roadmap

See new features and development coming soon to the Zesty.io Content Platform.

Design Ready

Content: Media Field Revamp

Schema: Add Parent Model Editing to the Right Sidebar

Make Mature Dashboard in Launchpad the default view for a new instance

Code: Escape Key closes suggestions dropdown (instead of leaving file)

Activity Log: Title Bar Revamp

In Progress

Content: Create Item Title Bar Revamp

Content: Content Fields & DUO Mode Revamp

Layouts App: Data output and Component Grouping

Revamped Docs Experience

Settings: Sidebar Revamp

Recently Completed

[Media Resolver Version Update](https://github.com/zesty-io/media-resolver-service/pull/42)

Replace All Models Icon with Database Search Icon to make it more intuitive

Content: Dashboard Title Bar

Schema: Title Bar Revamp

Content: Edit Item Title Bar Revamp

Media: Title Bar Revamp

Media: App Sidebar Revamp + UX Enhancements

Reports: App Sidebar Revamp

Schema: App Sidebar Revamp

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