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Zesty.io is Loved by Content Creators and Approved by Developers. A Single Platform Empowering Content Teams of Every Size.

CMOs + Content Strategists building content

Marketing Leaders

Accomplish Your Omnichannel Goals

Solve complex strategic goals with technology that empowers your team.

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Content Teams building content

Content Teams

Create Content Faster

Automate SEO and manage content on multiple sites without filing an IT ticket.

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SEO Strategists building content

SEO Strategists

Rank Higher, Faster

Manage SEO for multiple sites easier from one intuitive platform.

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Marketing Leaders

Speedy Campaign Implementation

Whether you’re looking to launch a landing page, microsite, brand site, a new experience, or something in between, launch campaigns faster with less IT friction than other content management systems. 

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Delight Customers with Better Digital Experiences

Manage content across multiple channels, websites, or simply design a better experience easily. Effortlessly champion your omnichannel marketing strategy using a unified platform to send content to multiple websites, VR/AR, IoT devices, and to other services without heavy IT involvement. Take control of your content, and everywhere it goes. 


Integrate with Any MarTech

Zesty.io plays well with others. No matter what technology your brand uses, we’ll work with it to make sure data goes where it needs to, so you don’t have to. Form submissions can easily go to any marketing automation or email tool - even if it’s a custom solution your team builds and manages.


Marketo integrates directly to work with Zesty.io
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Demandware integrates directly to work with Zesty.io
Optimizely A/B Testing integrates directly to work with Zesty.io
Google Analytics integrates directly to work with Zesty.io
Slack integrates directly to work with Zesty.io

To Template, or Not to Template?

That's an easy question. Zesty.io allows you to build any experience with ease. Unlike some CMS's that lock you into a selection of templates, you have complete creative control in designing your experience with Zesty.io. Once you’ve built a page or site, you can template those branded assets, content, code, media, and even entire pages or websites to launch new initiatives without IT involvement.

Content Teams

Easy Content Management (For Real)

Create, edit, manage, publish, and iterate content across multiple websites or applications all from one intuitive platform and all without the need for a valuable developer. We automate the mundane  and technical tasks so you can focus on what you do best - content strategy and marketing.

Tools Built for Teams

With multiple content strategists and editors, getting content out the door in a timely manner can be tricky. Zesty.io has built-in tools to automate otherwise cumbersome tasks, so your team can focus on the good stuff.

Work(flow) Together Better

Zesty.io Roles and Permissions

Roles + Permissions

Never worry about the intern publishing content again. Manage teams, individual users, and their permissions on a granular level, down to the content piece.

User Governance
Zesty.io Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Quickly see who has managed your content with our Audit Trail tool. Go back in time to view previous versions of content and roll back to different versions with the click of a button.

Zesty.io Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Easily create workflows for approvals and publishing content in our intuitive navigation without filing a ticket with IT. Manage per site, per team, or per user.


Tame Tricky Relational Content

When content has relationships with one another, it can be difficult and time-consuming to develop those relationships in legacy systems. With Zesty.io, relational content is a breeze. Content authors can easily establish how content relates to one another and publish with a click of a button, without needing development or IT resources.

Automatic SEO Optimization

Use a platform that was built for SEO, without any plugins or optimizations on your end. Zesty.io serves code the way Google prefers to read it, automatically optimizes high-resolution images without losing quality, and more out of the box. See your site improve to Google Page Speed Insights of 90+ and sub-second page load times, guaranteed.

SEO Strategists

Automated SEO

Finally, a platform that doesn't need multiple plugins to manage SEO. Core SEO requirements are automated, leaving you with more time to focus on optimizing experiences.

Automatic Metadata Generation Yes
Canonical Tags Yes
Multisite SEO Management Yes

Control Over Meta Content

Command full control over meta titles, descriptions, URL paths, and more from within the platform. Zesty.io also automates these tasks so you never have to worry about your content editor forgetting meta content, but SEO teams still retain flexibility to optimize those fields.

Multisite SEO

Manage multiple websites SEO from one platform, regardless of if you're using another CMS or if you're using Zesty.io's SaaS CMS. Connect content and code across multiple websites so corporate teams can manage branding and overarching messaging, and local teams can optimize content to boost organic rankings.

Canonical Tags

Ensure your webpages get proper page ranking without duplicate content issues or search engine penalties. Zesty.io provides a very simple interface to set canonical tags for you, without writing any pesky HTML.

Wicked Fast

Zesty.io sites are automatically cached and served globally, so your customers will experience sub-second page load times without any additional optimization on your end. Even large photos are automatically optimized and resized without losing quality, so you can serve up the best content without sacrificing speed.

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