2018: A Year in Review

Before we look forward to all of the new functionality coming to Zesty.io in 2019, we look back and review a year of tremendous growth.

2018: A Year in Review

Gerry Widmer 12.14.2018

Before we look forward to all of the new functionality coming to Zesty.io in 2019, we look back and review a year of tremendous growth. Our team has worked extremely hard to improve the product, has always kept our clients in mind, and has stayed true to our vision of providing the best enterprise tools on the market for content creation, management, and distribution.

We Grew!

Throughout 2018, our team has grown substantially. From new developers to new salespeople, we're thrilled with the incredibly talented, forward-thinking team we're building.

Our Team

SDVG Names Zesty.io 2018 Cool Company

In May, San Diego Venture Group announced their 30 "Cool Companies" of 2018, and Zesty.io was honored to be included for the second year in a row.

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New Accounts UI

In September, we unveiled the new Zesty.io Accounts App. Our goal is to make your interactions as smooth as possible, while giving you the ability to manage your instances to the deepest levels. With easier user invitations, new documentation, and better organization of your sites, the updated Accounts UI has been a hit for our users.

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New Teams Feature Released

In conjunction with releasing the new accounts interface, we also released a new workflow for managing teams within Zesty.io. By creating teams, admins have a simple way to manage users and their access to instances. Now, instead of sending 10 or so instance invites, admins simply add a team to the instance and assign their desired role.

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Amazon Alexa Integration

As voice technology rises to the forefront of how consumers are searching or asking questions, we take it upon ourselves to learn more about this shift and bring it to the marketers and technologists who need to know this information. We’ve also built out this functionality in our platform so when you’re ready to add voice technology to your marketing strategy, you can do it from the SaaS CMS you know and love—Zesty.io.

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Partner Google Cloud Publishes Case Study on Zesty.io

In alignment with our vision of creating and providing best-of-breed services to enterprises, our partner Google Cloud recognized our vision and uses Zesty.io as a glowing example of the technology partnership we have.

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While these are just the highlights of this year's growth, we're excited what is on the road map for next year. If you'd like a preview of the platform before the new releases in 2019, please coordinate with Chloe.

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