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Governance Administration Features in Zesty.io


Zesty.io offers a comprehensive suite of administration features designed to make managing your website efficient and user-friendly. This article discusses key features like User Teams, Ecosystems, Custom Domains, TLS Options, Single Sign-On (SSO) support, Audit-Level Reporting, and Video and Live Chat Support.

Governance over users in a Zesty.io Content Management System (CMS) is critical for a variety of reasons:

In a digital era where data breaches are increasingly common, it's crucial to control who has access to sensitive business data. By managing user roles and permissions, you can limit access to confidential information and minimize the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

With user governance, you can ensure that only qualified individuals have the ability to create and publish content, which can help maintain a high standard of content quality. For instance, you can ensure that all content goes through an editor or a senior team member before being published.

Governance allows you to define user roles that align with your team's structure and workflow. For instance, writers can be given permissions to create content, while editors can be given the ability to review and approve it. This ensures a smooth and efficient workflow.

By tracking each user's activity, you can ensure accountability for changes made in the CMS. This can help identify errors, resolve disputes, and even provide valuable insights into your team's productivity.

In certain industries, regulations require businesses to control and monitor access to information. Governance over users can help ensure compliance with these regulations.

Governance can be applied in multiple ways described in summary below, with links to greater detail.

User Teams


Zesty.io allows for the creation of user teams, enabling you to organize your users into groups based on their roles or departments. This feature is particularly useful for large organizations, as it simplifies user management and allows for granular control over permissions and access rights that cascade over content instances.

Ecosystems for Media and Data Sharing


With Zesty.io's Ecosystems feature, you can easily share media and data across your instances. This reduces redundancy, saves time, and promotes collaboration by making it simple for different teams or projects to access the same resources. It also keeps brand imagery consistent across all digital assets of an organization.

Custom Domains


Zesty.io supports custom domains, allowing you to use your own domain name for your website. This helps establish your brand's online presence and makes your site more recognizable to users.

TLS Options


Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol that ensures privacy and data integrity between communicating applications. Zesty.io provides several TLS options, offering you the flexibility to choose the level of security that best suits your needs.

SSO for Okta, Google, and Microsoft


Zesty.io supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for Okta, Google, and Microsoft. This means that you can use your existing Okta, Google, or Microsoft credentials to access your Zesty.io account, streamlining the login process and enhancing security.

Audit-Level Reporting


Zesty.io's audit-level reporting feature provides a detailed account of all activities on your site. This feature is essential for maintaining compliance, troubleshooting issues, and keeping track of changes made to your site.

Video and Live Chat Support


Zesty.io offers video and live chat support, providing instant assistance when you need it. These support options allow you to get quick answers to your questions, reducing downtime and helping you make the most of Zesty.io's features.

In summary, Zesty.io provides a robust set of administration features that make managing your site efficient and user-friendly. With these tools at your disposal, you can easily handle user management, ensure secure access, maintain compliance, and receive timely support when you need it.

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