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Page Hosting and Delivery Features in Zesty.io


Zesty.io offers comprehensive page hosting and delivery capabilities that ensure high performance and global reach for your website. This article discusses key hosting and delivery features in Zesty.io, including Automatic CDN caching, Zesty.io Cloud CDN with Fastly, Private CDN integration, dynamic media optimization, and global scalability.

Automatic CDN Caching


Zesty.io utilizes Automatic CDN caching to serve your content quickly and reliably. Once your content is requested for the first time, it is stored (or "cached") in a Content Delivery Network (CDN) node. Subsequent requests for that content can be served directly from the cache, significantly reducing latency and ensuring a speedy delivery to your users.

Zesty.io Cloud CDN with Fastly


Fastly's edge cloud platform is integrated with Zesty.io as part of its Cloud CDN offering. This technology enables rapid deployment and continuous delivery of your content, ensuring an optimal user experience. Fastly's powerful CDN enhances Zesty.io's ability to deliver your content securely, quickly, and reliably no matter where your users are located.

Private CDN Integration


Zesty.io provides the ability to integrate with private Content Delivery Networks. If your organization uses a specific CDN for business or compliance reasons, you can easily integrate it with Zesty.io, ensuring a seamless content delivery process that aligns with your organizational policies and preferences.

Dynamic Media Optimization


With Dynamic Media Optimization, Zesty.io automatically optimizes your media files for delivery. It adjusts the quality and format based on the user's device and connection speed. This means your images and videos load quickly without sacrificing visual quality, leading to an improved user experience and better performance metrics.

Global Scalability


Zesty.io is designed for global scalability. Its infrastructure can handle spikes in traffic and grow with your business. Whether you're serving a local audience or a global one, Zesty.io ensures that your website is always available and performing at its best.

In summary, Zesty.io provides robust page hosting and delivery capabilities that ensure your website's content is delivered rapidly and reliably to users around the globe. Leveraging advanced technologies like Automatic CDN caching and dynamic media optimization, Zesty.io is designed to help you provide an excellent user experience while scaling with your needs.

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