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Page Rendering Features in Zesty.io

Zesty.io offers a suite of powerful page rendering features that give developers the flexibility to create both traditional and headless websites. This article will delve into Zesty.io's key rendering capabilities, including traditional (HTML/CSS) pages, fully headless URL path routing API, hybrid API routing and HTML rendering, WebEngine, preview proxy for external integrations, and support for all popular server-side and static site generation frameworks.

Traditional (HTML/CSS) Pages

Zesty.io supports the creation of traditional HTML/CSS pages. It provides a robust interface for writing and managing HTML and CSS files. Developers can construct rich, interactive web pages using familiar languages. Additionally, with its live preview feature, developers can see the impact of their changes in real time.

Fully Headless URL Path Routing API

Zesty.io's fully headless URL path routing API allows for total control over the content delivery. It serves content as JSON data via API endpoints, providing the flexibility to use any frontend technology. This is especially useful for creating websites or apps where the front end is separated from the back end, providing developers with more freedom and flexibility.

Hybrid API Routing and HTML Rendering

With Zesty.io, you can leverage hybrid API routing and HTML rendering. This means you can serve traditional HTML/CSS pages while also providing API endpoints for specific sections of your site. This hybrid approach enables developers to benefit from the advantages of both traditional and headless architectures.


WebEngine is Zesty.io's rendering engine. It compiles content, templates, and assets into a consumable format, ensuring fast delivery of your web pages. It also handles cache busting, minification, and automatic GZIP compression to enhance your site's performance.

Preview Proxy for External Integrations

Zesty.io's preview proxy allows for seamless external integrations. It enables developers to preview content within the context of third-party applications. This ensures that integrations work correctly and look as expected, enhancing the consistency and reliability of your site.

Zesty.io supports all popular server-side rendering (SSR) and static site generation (SSG) frameworks, including Next.js, Nuxt.js, Gatsby, and more. This provides developers with the flexibility to use their preferred framework while benefiting from Zesty.io's powerful content management features.

In summary, Zesty.io provides a robust suite of page rendering features that cater to a wide range of development preferences and requirements. Whether you're creating a traditional website, going fully headless, or taking a hybrid approach, Zesty.io's platform offers the tools and support you need.

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