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Common Workflows in Zesty.io

Content Creation and Management

This topic covers the process of creating and managing content within Zesty.io, including creating new pages, editing existing content, organizing content in a hierarchical structure, and utilizing content management features such as version control and collaboration.

Templating and Design

This topic focuses on the workflow related to designing and customizing the look and feel of websites or digital experiences in Zesty.io. It includes creating templates, utilizing pre-designed themes, customizing layouts, and implementing responsive design practices.

Publishing and Deployment

This topic covers the workflow for publishing and deploying changes made to websites or digital experiences in Zesty.io. It includes reviewing and approving content updates, scheduling content publication, managing publishing workflows, and ensuring proper deployment to production environments.

Localization and Multilingual Support

This topic discusses the workflow for creating and managing multilingual websites or digital experiences in Zesty.io. It covers aspects such as creating language variations, translating content, managing localized assets, and implementing language-specific workflows.

Workflow Automation

This topic explores the capabilities of automating workflows within Zesty.io. It includes using automation features such as triggers and actions, setting up approval processes, defining workflow rules, and streamlining content management tasks through automation.

Collaboration and User Roles

This topic focuses on the workflow for collaboration and user management in Zesty.io. It covers assigning roles and permissions to users, managing team collaboration, tracking user activity, and facilitating efficient content review and approval processes.

Analytics and Performance Tracking

This topic discusses the workflow for tracking website analytics and performance metrics in Zesty.io. It includes integrating analytics tools, monitoring website traffic and engagement, analyzing user behavior, and leveraging data to optimize content and user experiences.

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