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Digital experience platform

Experience digital on a platform built for scale

Zesty.io transforms the way you create digital experiences with a customizable platform made for rapidly growing businesses.

Solutions that transform digital experience

Personalize at scale with Data

First-party data leveraged with Zesty can scale your omnichannel digital efforts.

Enhance Commerce to Drive Loyalty 

Distribute Content Experiences Anywhere

Innovate Enterprise Experiences

Zesty is a digital experience platform that can quickly personalize digital environments through every channel at scale.

Seeing how difficult it was for traditional content management systems to keep up with the needs of growing companies, we set out to create a platform without limits. Developed cloud-natively and consistently adapting to market needs, our digital experience platform enables your business to focus less on developing and more on engaging your customers.

What is a Digital Experience Platform?

A digital experience platform (DXP) is an integrated set of enterprise software at the crux of digital creation. Headless CMS, digital asset management, analytics, SEO, and omnichannel capabilities work together to drive better customer experiences.

digital experience platform

Our digital experience platform

Personalized experience

Personalize and integrate each touchpoint with advanced data, testing, and integrations.

Commerce experience

Streamline your customer-centric omnichannel strategy with integrated experience tools that simplify digital commerce.

Content Experience

Write once and publish anywhere with flexible digital content capabilities and headless models.

Enterprise Experience

Scale your business faster with frictionless tools, workflows, and automation built for enterprise.

Zesty's digital experience platform features

Enterprise Level Security

Enterprise Level Security

SOC 2 compliance, automatic updates, and no plugins means streamlined security for your team.

Low-Code Solutions

Low-Code Solutions

Simplify your development work and get your digital content up and running faster

Omnichannel Distribution

Omnichannel Distribution

Create consistent experiences across channels, from desktop to mobile to voice and beyond

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Automated SEO means that your page rank and performance never degrade

Live Previews

Live Previews

Ensure your content appears exactly how you want on every device, all from the Zesty interface

Limitless Integrations for Limitless Reach

Untap the long line of integrations made possible with Zesty’s DXP and connect virtually any application.


Implementing a Digital Experience Using Zesty’s DXP

Headless CMS

Hybrid CMS

Leverage our headless CMS to build and deploy content faster and at scale.

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Case studies

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Psyonix launched Rocket League's e-sports site celebrating players and tournaments with Zesty.io.

Use Zesty’s DXP to Transform Your Digital Experiences