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Unlocking the Power of Zesty.io's Content Model Field Types


Content modeling in Zesty.io allows businesses to create custom content structures, tailored to their specific needs. These structures are built using a variety of field types, each serving a different purpose and value. Let's explore each field type in detail.

Single Line Text Fields


The Single Line Text field type is useful for short, concise pieces of text like titles, headings, or captions. Single Line Text fields keep content concise and digestible, improving user experience. This field type can be used for keyword-optimized headings to improve SEO performance.

Multi-Line Text Fields


Multi-Line Text fields are perfect for longer descriptions, summaries, and any content that requires more space than a single line. Multi-line text fields can be used to hold json, markdown or html, or any desired data format other than plain text.

This field type helps to present more detailed information, improving the depth and value of content for users. It provides an opportunity to incorporate more keywords, improving the SEO value of your content.

Rich Text (WYSIWYG) with TinyMCE


Rich Text fields with TinyMCE offer a full suite of text editing capabilities, allowing you to customize your text's appearance without needing to write code.

These fields reduce the needs for developer by granting media and layout access which enhance the visual appeal of your content, improving the user experience. The ability to customize text attributes can improve content visibility and readability, potentially increasing user engagement.



Markdown fields provide an easy way to format text using a simple, portable, and readable syntax. Learn more about markdown. Markdown helps maintain a clean, uncluttered interface, improving content management efficiency.

Markdown fields ensure consistency in content presentation, which can lead to increased user engagement. It is also easy to integrate embedded components into markdown using injector codes like 'customer_component' which could inject custom experiences inline with normal text.



Media fields allow for the inclusion of images, videos, or other media files. Using media fields will significantly enhance the visual appeal of content, improving user engagement boosting content engagement, potentially leading to increased traffic and conversions.

Media fields can be bound to specific folders in Zesty.io DAM (digital asset manager). These fields can be integrated into third party software like Bynder. Media limits to guide user to upload 1 or many items. Media, after uploaded, can on-the-fly edited to match the desired design experiences at the template level.



File fields allow for the inclusion of downloadable files, such as PDFs, documents, or spreadsheets. Files fields enhance the functionality of your content, providing users with valuable resources. Offering useful, downloadable resources behind form conversion gates can drive engagement and boost the perceived value of your content.

All files are served over a content delivery network on Zesty.io cloud to provide the fastest download times on the internet.



Numbers fields are perfect for any content that requires numerical data. Numbers can be queried with greater than or less than queries. Numbers fields ensure accurate data input and representation, improving the quality and reliability of your content. Using numbers in your content can improve clarity and readability, leading to better user engagement.

One to Many Relationships


One to Many Relationship fields allow you to relate one item of content with multiple others. These fields enhance content interconnectivity, improving user navigation and experience.The interconnection of content can boost on-site time and engagement, positively influencing SEO performance.

One to One Relationships


One to One Relationship fields allow you to directly relate one piece of content with another. This field type enhances content organization and structure, improving content management efficiency.

It enables seamless navigation between related pieces of content, potentially increasing user engagement by using this field to drive personalization and A/B testing.

Sort Orders


Sort Order fields allow you to define the order in which items of content appear. These fields enhance content presentation and user navigation, improving the overall user experience which is controlled by the business user. Developer can access this field in template to consistently control output.

By controlling the order of content display, you can guide user behavior and interactions, potentially leading to higher engagement and conversions.

Internal Links/URLS


Internal Link fields allow you to create links to other content within your website. Internal links improve user navigation and website structure, enhancing user experience and SEO performance.

Effective use of internal linking can increase time on site, reduce bound-rate, and and prolong engagement, driving SEO performance and conversion rates.

External URLS


External URL fields allow you to link out to other websites or online resources. External links can enhance the value of your content by providing additional resources, improving user experience. Linking to authoritative external resources can boost the perceived value of your content, leading to increased engagement and shares.

External URL field types force the user to input fully qualified URLs.



Booleans fields allow you to create binary yes/no options for your content. Booleans fields can streamline interface controls like showing or not showing content, which improves developer efficiency.

Using booleans for personalization can enhance user experience, leading to higher engagement and conversions.



Currency fields are designed for content that deals with financial data with a 2 decimal float point. These fields force the user to type a number.

Currency fields ensure accurate and consistent financial data representation, enhancing the reliability and professionalism of your content. Currency fields can be queried for with greater than, lesser than, and equal to.



Universal Unique Identifiers (UUID) fields create unique identifiers for each piece of content. UUIDs are auto generated by Zesty.io and can be tied to external applications. For custom IDs in external programs a single line text field should be used.

UUIDs ensure content uniqueness and can improve content management and data integration processes. Unique identifiers can aid in tracking and analysis, providing valuable insights for marketing efforts.

Custom Rules for Fields


Each field can be configured with its own set of rules, such as required fields, limits on the number of characters, and other custom rules.

Having rules for fields ensures content consistency and quality, improving content management processes. Rules for fields can help maintain a consistent templates, brand voice and style, contributing to brand identity and recall.

Ordering Fields and Providing Instructions


Fields can be ordered to match business needs, and instructions and tooltips can be included to guide users. Ordering fields and providing instructions enhance content management efficiency and accuracy. Well-ordered and instructed fields can ensure the consistency of content, improving its effectiveness and engagement.

Field Types in Conclusions


In conclusion, Zesty.io's variety of field types provides businesses with the flexibility to create unique, optimized content structures. By understanding the value and purpose of each field type, businesses can create effective content models that enhance both user experience and marketing performance.

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