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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the ability to harness, manipulate, and distribute data in custom formats is crucial for businesses to maintain a competitive edge. The "Custom Data Files" feature in Zesty.io provides an efficient and innovative solution, allowing organizations to integrate Zesty-stored data with external data sources for enhanced accessibility across templates or applications.

Custom data files are made in Zesty's virtualized code editor, they are instantly globally scalable and can optional be secured.

Flexible Data Types


The versatility of Zesty.io's Custom Data Files lies in its ability to accommodate various data types, including JSON, XML, flat files, and more. This flexibility means that businesses can utilize the format that best suits their unique needs, improving efficiency and effectiveness in handling data.

Custom data files can support any non-malicious file extensions such as .csv, .json, .xml, .xlsx, .txt, .html, .tsv, .doc, .yaml, .yml, etc..

Non-conventional Data Access


In some instances, conventional data outputs may not adequately meet an organization's specific requirements. Custom Data Files in Zesty.io excel in these scenarios, providing a framework for accessing and manipulating data in unconventional ways that better align with your business objectives.

This is useful for both old and new systems where conventional data output do not work without additional expenditures on custom middleware.

Integration with Other Site Data


Custom Data Files do not function in isolation but can include data from a myriad of sources external from Zesty.io. The external data can optionally be matched to data in Zesty such as content models, global settings, style parameters, instructions, or other site-wide data. This broad scope of integration ensures a high degree of extensibility across your entire website, application, or external vendor integrations.

Legacy Data Transformation


In a world where data formats rapidly evolve, keeping up can be challenging. However, Custom Data Files can help your organization transform and modernize legacy data. By converting these older formats into more contemporary, adaptable formats, your business can maintain its relevancy and continue to leverage valuable historical data.

Dynamic Custom Data Requests


Files can have logic built into their output that listens to request query or post parameters that dictate the output of the file. This enables remote instructions to send data to Zesty files that dictate a custom data response.


In conclusion, Zesty.io's Custom Data Files offer a versatile solution for businesses looking to improve their data handling capabilities. By providing flexible data types, enabling non-conventional data access, integrating with other site data, and allowing for legacy data transformation, these tools can significantly enhance business efficiency and data management processes. Embracing such innovation equips businesses with the tools necessary to thrive in today's data-driven world.

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