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Template (View) and File Editing Options


Zesty.io provides robust capabilities for editing views. These powerful features allow businesses to effectively manage content, streamline workflows, and provide a consistent user experience. Let's explore each topic in more depth.

Content Model View Templates


Each Content model in Zesty.io has a related view, meaning a content model named article will have a shared default template for every article content item made, thus creating a single repeatable option for business to create content and deploy immediately.

Content model views are available in headless site generators and/or in the native hybrid Parsley code files. Views are central to managing and presenting content in Zesty.io. They enable businesses to determine how each of their content models are presented and interacted with. The ability to customize these views means that businesses can design and tailor their content in a way that meets their specific needs and aligns with their brand messaging.

Automatic View Routing for Content Items


In Zesty.io, each content item has an associated model view that's automatically created and routed to. This automatic view routing streamlines the process of content delivery, reducing manual tasks and allowing for quick and easy updates. It allows or instant content creation without developers. For businesses, this automation simplifies content management workflows, enhances efficiency, and ensures a seamless content delivery process.

Dynamic Views with Query Params


Dynamic views with query params enable the creation of dynamic content presentations. By passing parameters through URLs, businesses can present customized content based on these parameters. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to personalize their user experience, as it enables the delivery of content tailored to specific user needs or preferences. Query params can also be used for campaign targeting, presentation changes, A/B testing, and other dynamic needs.

View Snippets for Repeatable Code


View snippets offer a solution for repeatable code blocks. They promote DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principles, enhancing the efficiency of your coding and reducing the potential for errors. By reusing code snippets, businesses can speed up development time, improve code maintainability, and ensure a consistent user experience across different areas of a site.

Presentation View Logic


Presentation view logic allows for dynamic content presentation based on certain conditions or logic. This can be used to create more personalized and interactive user experiences. For businesses, this capability enables the creation of highly engaging, responsive web content that can adapt to user actions, improving user engagement and conversion rates.

Multi-Lang View Support


With Zesty.io's multi-lang view support, businesses can easily manage and deliver content in multiple languages. This feature facilitates the creation of multi-lingual websites, which is essential for businesses operating in multiple regions or on a global scale. It allows for the localization of content, enhancing user experience, and opening up opportunities in new markets.


Headers and footers are fundamental components of any website, carrying vital information and links. In Zesty.io, header and footer views are treated as separate entities, providing a centralized place to manage global elements of your website. This separation allows businesses to maintain consistency across different pages of their website, ensuring that crucial elements like navigation menus, site logos, and footer links remain uniform. For marketers, having the ability to edit headers and footers independently means they can easily update global information or add promotional details, like seasonal offers or company-wide announcements, that need to be displayed across all pages.

Global Wrapper View (Loader)


Zesty.io introduces a global wrapper view, also known as the Loader. This master template wraps around all the pages of your website, providing a convenient place to manage universal elements, such as loading scripts, CSS, or meta tags. Businesses can leverage the loader to ensure the swift loading of essential scripts or styles across all pages. This can significantly improve the website's performance and user experience, impacting both site rankings and user satisfaction. In addition, using the Loader for meta tags ensures the correct SEO tags are included site-wide, improving the site's visibility to search engines.

View Access to Any Content


In Zesty.io, views are not restricted to their respective content models. They have the power to access any content on the platform, provided the necessary permissions are set. This provides an immense degree of flexibility and dynamism when creating views. Businesses can use this feature to pull related content from different models, creating more comprehensive and engaging pages. This capability extends to personalization, where businesses can fetch user-specific data from disparate models to craft a personalized user experience. Furthermore, for marketers, this ability to mix and match content can offer creative freedom to design engaging campaigns that span multiple content models.

In conclusion, the additional view editing capabilities in Zesty.io, including the management of header and footer views, use of a global wrapper view, and the ability to access any content from within a view, offer businesses the potential to create highly dynamic, personalized and performance-optimized websites. They make a potent addition to any business's content management strategy, enhancing both the efficiency of content delivery and the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

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