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A Comprehensive Overview of Content Editing in Zesty.io


In today's digital landscape, web content management systems (WCMS) have revolutionized the way businesses and marketers manage their online content. Zesty.io, a recognized leader in the WCMS space, offers a diverse range of content editing functionalities that empower users, streamline processes, and ultimately add considerable business value. In this article, we will explore eight of Zesty.io's standout features.

Duo Mode Editing

DUO Mode screenshot in Zesty.io

Duo Mode Editing shines in both hybrid website and headless deployments, allowing content editors to toggle between modes depending on their specific requirements. In hybrid scenarios, this allows for a more comprehensive, intertwined editing and viewing experience. For headless deployments, it provides an isolated, structured content management approach, ensuring content can be reutilized across different channels or platforms. This dual functionality maximizes efficiency and boosts the versatility of content deployment.

Live Editor


Zesty.io's Live Editor feature is an innovative tool that enables marketers to perform on-page editing. Through an intuitive overlay interface, users can directly point, click, and edit elements on a page. The ease of use and efficiency this provides enhances content accuracy, speeds up the editing process, and reduces the learning curve for new users. The value of this feature for businesses is seen in the significant time and cost savings in content management.

The Live Editor feature really shows values in projects with larges amounts of content. Content heavy websites often become hard to navigate in a CMS backend, but Live Editor lets the user explore the website to find pages to edit not the other way around. This speed up the marketing team and put less onus on the developer team to guide marketers to make complicated edits.

Visual Page Designer


With Zesty.io's Visual Page Designer, crafting a compelling layout has never been easier. This feature enables marketers to build page layouts using pre-designed components and design tools such as columns, grids, and spacing options. The drag-and-drop interface makes it a breeze to construct aesthetically pleasing and engaging pages. This feature not only accelerates the design process but also ensures consistency and coherence in the visual identity of the brand across the website.

Learn more about the visual page designer here on its product page.

Custom Editing Interfaces


Zesty.io stands out with its ability to create custom editing experiences tailored to specific business needs. By leveraging Zesty.io's Content and Media APIs, developers can build bespoke interfaces that provide users with a tailored content editing experience. This level of customization aids in improving efficiency, reducing complexity, and enhancing user satisfaction.

Custom interfaces can be integrated into business existing application, both consumer or internal facing, to allows quick editing. Two examples: an in-app experience where the businesses customers can submit influencer content through the business mobile application, or business employees editing specific content through a CRM of custom internal business application.

Permissions-Based Editing


With Permissions-Based Editing, Zesty.io offers a streamlined, user-specific editing experience. This feature allows the creation of tailored editing experiences based on a user's permissions, meaning each user only sees content and CMS applications relevant to their role. This minified experience minimizes confusion and maximizes productivity, translating into significant business efficiency.

For example when setting a strict role, a user may log in to the businesses Zesty instance and only see the option to create an article, without the option to publish. This user would not see other apps like SEO, code, settings, or reporting.

Content of Any Shape


In Zesty.io, content editing is a flexible and adaptable process. The system can handle content of any shape, making it a versatile tool that can adapt to various business needs. Whether it's text, multimedia content, interface or integration instructions, or complex data structures, Zesty.io's flexibility in content editing translates into a truly customizable platform, ready to meet unique business implementation requirements.

Automation/Scripting Content Editing


Automation is a powerful feature of Zesty.io, offering capabilities such as content entry, updates, and publishing through scripting. This enables businesses to synchronize content from other sources, generate new content with AI based on any input, or synchronize internal resources like product data. This automation reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and ensures content freshness, thereby adding considerable business value.

content management system for businesses.

Content Editing in Summary


In conclusion, Zesty.io’s diverse and powerful range of content editing options empowers users, increases efficiency, and adds significant business value. By offering a customizable, versatile, and user-friendly platform, Zesty.io stands as a leading choice for businesses seeking to optimize their digital content management. It caters to businesses of all shapes and sizes, adaptable to their specific requirements.

Whether you are a marketer looking to streamline your content creation process, a developer aiming to create custom editing interfaces, or a business seeking to automate and synchronize content from different sources, Zesty.io’s content editing features are designed to deliver optimal results. Its Duo Mode Editing, Live Editor, Visual Page Designer, Custom Editing Interfaces, Permissions-Based Editing, Content of Any Shape, and Automation/Scripting Content Editing, all work in tandem to provide an experience that is efficient, personalized, and, most importantly, business-focused.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it's essential for businesses to have tools like Zesty.io that are ready to adapt and grow in step with their needs. Investing in robust, flexible, and efficient content management systems such as Zesty.io is more than just an operational decision -

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