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Zesty.io: Harnessing Multilingual Content Capabilities for Global Reach


As businesses continue to expand their global presence, the demand for multilingual content management is growing. Zesty.io's multilingual content capabilities offer robust solutions to manage and deliver content across multiple languages, ensuring a seamless experience for diverse user bases. Let's explore each of these capabilities and the business and marketing value they add.

Multiple Language Support


Zesty.io supports over 160 languages when editing and creating content. With Zesty.io's broad language support allows businesses to effectively reach and communicate with diverse audiences around the globe, facilitating international growth and customer engagement.

For marketing teams, having content available in various languages ensures that campaigns and messaging can reach and resonate with a wider audience, driving better engagement and conversions.

Easy to Add Languages


Zesty.io's easy language addition feature saves time and reduces the complexity of managing multilingual content, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

With easy language addition, marketing teams can quickly adapt their content strategy to new markets, ensuring faster and more effective international marketing campaigns.

Multi-Lang URL Routing


Zesty.io offers custom paths and SEO values for each language and content item added. Multilingual routing helps ensure a smooth, native-like user experience for customers across different regions, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Custom paths and SEO values for each language enable targeted SEO strategies, improving visibility in regional search engines and driving more organic traffic.

Multi-Lang HTML Automation


Zesty.io head tag and meta tag HTML automation for browsers simplifies the process of content localization, reducing manual work and potential errors, thus saving time and ensuring high-quality multilingual content.

Automatically generated HTML tags ensure proper content presentation and indexing in each language, improving the effectiveness of international SEO efforts.

AI Translation with ChatGPT


Convert existing content from one language to another language with built in ChatGPT functionality. AI translation allows businesses to quickly translate existing content into a new language, expediting the process of entering new markets. In-app translation could reduced business workflow times and resource costs of 3rd party vendors.

With AI translation, marketing teams can swiftly adapt their content to various languages, enabling faster rollout of international marketing campaigns.

Connect 3rd Party Translation Software


Zesty.io webhook integrations can be configured to facilitate the connection with third-party translation software, enabling greater flexibility and customization in managing multilingual content.

Integrations with professional translation services can ensure high-quality content translation, enhancing the effectiveness and credibility of international marketing content.

UTF-8 Character Support


UTF-8 support ensures that content can be accurately presented in any language, enhancing user experience and customer satisfaction across diverse markets. UTF-8 support is the default for every language added to Zesty.io.

UTF-8 character support means that no language or market is off-limits for your content marketing strategy, enabling true global reach.

Language Drafting Before Production Launch


Languages can be added in a de-active state making it available in the CMS before being publicly accessible. Language drafting allows businesses to prepare and review content in new languages before publication, ensuring high-quality, error-free content.

With language drafting, marketing teams can review and tweak content for different markets before it goes live, optimizing messaging for each audience.

Language Version Control


Each content item’s language in Zesty.io has separate version tracks and audit history. Language-specific version control provides granular control over content changes, enhancing accountability and facilitating error correction across all languages.

With separate version tracks, marketing teams can iterate and improve content for each market based on specific feedback and performance metrics.

Flexible Language Presentations and Templating


Language-specific templating and presentations are easily programmed in Zesty.io allowing businesses to customize the presentation of content for different languages, enhancing localization and user experience.

Customizable templates for each language allow marketing teams to tailor the look and feel of content to better resonate with different audiences, enhancing engagement.

Multi-Lang Content API Access


Full API support for accessing multilingual content headlessly is available through-out for all multi-lang content items. The multilingual API enables integration with other systems, allowing businesses to deliver multilingual content across various channels and touchpoints seamlessly.

With API access, marketing teams can deliver consistent multilingual content across all platforms, improving brand consistency and reach in different markets.

Multilingual Capabilities in Summary


In summary, Zesty.io's multilingual content capabilities offer a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and delivering content in various languages. These features can provide significant value for businesses and marketing teams looking to expand their global reach and enhance their international marketing efforts.

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